Second εxodus's birthday

Two years!

Two years since the creation of the Exodus Privacy organization. On the occasion of the second anniversary of the εxodus platform, we will try to make a new update on the association’s progress.

The εxodus platform

Thanks to you, the εxodus platform has grown considerably. At the time of this article’s writing, it contains more than:

  • 253 trackers (+101 in 1 year);
  • 101000 reports (+60000);
  • 61500 analyzed applications (+24500).

Congratulations to you!

You may have noticed that it is currently impossible to submit a new analysis. This is due to a problem we have with downloading APKs. If you want to help us solve this issue, you can check here!

As announced during the platform’s previous anniversary, we have begun a vast project to improve the readability of our reports and the global user experience of the platform. Therefore we have worked with Maiwann, UX-UI Designer who shares our values, in order to redesign the entire interface of εxodus. The story of this redesign seems important to us to spread, that’s why another blog post will soon be available, on the Framablog, where the people involved in this adventure will give you the methods and issues.

The εxodus application

We had the chance to have a second UX redesign project, this one still being in progress, this time for the Android εxodus application (created by Schoumi), financed by the sponsorship of Code Lutin. A big thanks to them for selecting us among the many projects proposed, and our congratulations to the other selected projects.

As part of this rework, a brand new version of the application has just been released on the Google Play Store and on F-Droid. But it is not over yet ! To be continued…

News and events

At the beginning of the year, we presented our work at FOSDEM and a video of the conference is available on our Peertube channel. pnu and Guinness ensured this performance.

Like last year, we were approached by new actors. Le MédiaTV allowed us, during a news report about the “Deliveroo Rider” application (intended for Deliveroo deliverers), to perform a dynamic analysis and see where and what data was being sent from the application when the deliverer declares themself at rest. If you speak French, you can watch this report on the Media’s Peertube channel. You may see MeTaL_PoU and Lovis IX.

Based on this experience with the tools of the PiRanhaLysis project and in particular the PiRogue, we conducted workshops about the dynamic analysis of the mobile phones of the visitors (and volunteers!) of the PSES festival.

We were also present with our friends from LQDN at the Geek Faëries and CCCamp. It was our friend Guinness who took care of these activities and meetings.

The Centre des Abeilles in Quimper welcomed us for a new conference (in French). A top-notch organization and a great audience made this stay a very pleasant one. This time, it was our President, MeTaL_PoU, who played the game.

Other requests for exchanges and conferences are in progress, but we can’t tell you anything about them yet, we have to keep some for the 3 years…

The general meeting

In September, our general meeting took place, which renewed the entire organization board with the following members:

  • President: MeTaL_PoU;
  • Secretary: Codimp;
  • Treasurer: Lovis IX.

U+039B and pnu are also part of the board.


To finish this post, we would like to thank you, all our financial supporters (monthly or occasional donations help us to keep the shop running), but also the people who are immersing themselves in the code of the platform in order to improve it. All our relays, whether in the press, retweets or retoots of our interventions on social networks.

Thanks also to Gandi, who continues to provide us with the technical infrastructure that supports the platform.

We hope that our news for the coming year will be just as rich and we remain available, feel free to reach us!