Happy new year 2023

Here we are, our planet just finished another revolution around its star and started a new one.

On behalf of all of us, please allow me to wish you a good and happy new year 2023.

From the outside, the year 2022 wasn’t extremely active for the association. Not a lot of meetings and talks, because of the lack of volunteer time.

  • Some new members arrived and it is extremely positive for the association. They are still a bit shy during our monthly meetings, understandably, they are testing the waters; but I hope they will soon be active in all the domains Exodus Privacy is offering. There is so much to do;
  • The platform keeps going on its merry way;
  • Our infrastructure is evolving, slowly distancing itself from the first-ever servers we set up at the beginning of our adventure;
  • Our finances are healthy thanks to our treasurer;
  • We are trying to communicate more and better. It isn’t really in our nature, maybe our new members will help us with this;
  • The teaching kits are progressing, we hope they will be done soon;

On the other hand, on the inside, we witnessed a bunch of small miracles. For example, we have (by no small feat) changed banks, driven by and with the energy of our treasurer.

Finally, I would like to thank everybody who closely or remotely helps, sometimes in the shadow, to make this association work. Also thank you to the people who use our results for their own work, often academic. By the way, a little email always feels nice.

Happy new year 2023.

Lovis IX, president of Exodus Privacy.