Around Exodus Privacy

After almost two years of existence, it is time to talk about the partners and allies of Exodus Privacy. Indeed, our tools are used by many people, for technical or educational purposes. This blog post also aims to answer future partners, who might wonder how to proceed.

Our financial and material support

We publish every month our accounting in a transparent way. In addition to all those who give us occasionally or regularly (a big thank you!), several entities without which it would have been more difficult, if not impossible, to offer our services, support us or have supported us in the past:

  • Gandi offer us credits to meet our hosting needs;
  • Octopuce gives us free disk space for our backups;
  • Codeurs en liberté made a one-time donation in 2017;
  • Qwant made a significant donation in March 2018. This donation without compensation was presented to us as recurring. Our second request for sponsorship in September 2018 remained unanswered and we have not had any relationship with this company since.
  • Code Lutin has helped by funding a large part of application’s UX redesign (Work still in progress, see you soon about this!).

Our allies

In France, we have also developed a network of allies with which we share a number of values ​​and speak in a complementary way, notably La Quadrature du Net and Framasoft.

The usage of our data and tools

We think Free and open source. Our data and tools are reusable as long as you respect the licenses. We have, among other things, an API available for this purpose. Its usage is documented on our code repository

Among all these, here are some examples:

  • F-droid, free and open source Android application store, uses our tools and our database of trackers to analyze the applications of their store and their updates;
  • The Yale Privacy Lab uses our tools for its security courses and is the main data provider for our tracker database ETIP;
  • ClassyShark3xodus decompiles the applications directly on the mobile then uses our API to detect the trackers;
  • MobSF, a tool for analyzing and evaluating the security of mobile applications.

Our videos, our platform and our application are regularly used in libraries, Cryptoparties, digital mediation workshops or on the MOOC “Protection of privacy in the digital world” of INRIA. We are very proud about it!

If you want to…

Use the tools of Exodus Privacy for educational purposes

If you are in contact with the public and want to raise awareness using our tools (our videos, our platform, etc.), feel free to do so! We thank you for respecting the licenses if necessary. Feel free to make us a feedback, we are interested in knowing how our tools are used and how to improve them. You can also invite us for public or professional awareness actions.

Make a partnership offer

A partnership must bring something to each of the involved parties and we are particularly interested in proposals for contribution to the code, communication or financial support. Our goal is always to provide insights to the general public and not to make any value judgments. We seriously consider any partnership proposal, please reach us.

Get an API key

As mentioned above, an API key can be obtained simply by following the procedure documented here.