2021 general assembly review

Like every year, we held our general assembly. On the 4th of September, we were gathered in the Nantes area, with a few remote members, to look back upon the past year and decide on the association stances for the upcoming year.

A year dampened by the Covid pandemic

As for everyone else, we saw our outside activity slow down; we spoke at less conferences, but still had as many interviews with journalists.

Less conferences and workshops doesn’t mean no conferences or workshops. We had a few meaningful encounters:

  • at Lycée Blaise Pascal in Rouen, with the class of seconde 8 in SNT (Digital sciences and technology) lesson, and their teacher Yves Meret. This speech was briefly featured in the France 2 show Envoyé Spécial on 29/04/2021;
  • an interview with U+039b, one of the founders of the association, in another France 2 show Cash Investigation;
  • participating in the France Inter podcast with Xavier de La Porte, “Le code a changé” on 07/12/2020, broadcasted on France Inter in summer 2021;
  • a lecture in the Foyer des Jeunes Travailleurs in Batignoles…

A year of consolidating the platform

The εxodus platform runs very well and the time we didn’t spend in conferences and workshop allowed us to step back and rest a bit.

It also allowed us to consolidate the platform, on the development level with small interface improvements, as well as big improvements on the code and database side.

We had to face clever clogs who wanted to play with our nerves, but these are made of steel and we were able to counter these attacks and implement preventive action.

A few figures:

  • During the month of August, we crossed the threshold of 100.000 unique applications analysed by the platform;
  • In September, it’s the threshold of 200.000 generated reports that we crossed;
  • The platform now includes more than 400 trackers signatures;

  • 42.

A welcoming year

Even if we did little fieldwork this year, the field came to us and the broadcasting and rebroadcasting of the “Le code a changé” podcast changed our exposure.

This way, we welcomed a few members:

  • BateauSurLeau
  • Jean-Baptiste
  • Kiwibleu
  • Philémon
  • Xakan

What now?

As you probably know, MeTaL_PoU reached the end of the 3 years a person can spend being the association president (reread the statutes!). We heartily thank her for these 3 years which saw the association grow in proportions we weren’t expecting.

We then proceeded to elect a new “broadened” bureau since it is not limited to the secretary, treasurer and president, but includes a total of 7 people. This allows us to have a lot of different viewpoints when we need it.

The bureau consists of:

  • Caps_Lock;
  • Codimp as secretary;
  • Imriel as treasurer;
  • Lovis_IX as president;
  • Martoni;
  • pnu;
  • U+039b.


We will keep working in the shadows on improving our tools and in the spotlight on meeting whomever wants to meet us.

The education kits, carried by MeTaL_PoU’s hard work, are our main project for 2021-2022.

We need to find the energy to put our Android application back on the Google Play Store and keep improving user experience.

And as always, we are open to other propositions.


Each and every time, our general assemblies allow us to measure how much the people around us are precious to us. We have a fantastic community and fantastic supports, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!