Education kit: a first prototype is ready!

Exodus Privacy has the goal of raising awareness around digital privacy issues in smartphones. To that end, volunteers from the association have been animating workshops and speeches with various audiences since 2017. In 2020, we decided to ask the Afnic Foundation for Digital Solidarity for funding, in order to create an education kit allowing volunteers or professionals to animate workshop on privacy and smartphone issues. Before that, we asked that audience a questionnaire to confirm the relevance of this kit.

The Afnic Foundation decided to trust us and give us the funding we asked for. We moved forward a lot: a first prototype is out and ready to be tested! In this post, we would like to offer some feedback on the work we’ve been doing for over a year and the test modalities.

Content of the beginner kit

This kit has the purpose of holding a hour-and-a-half long workshop aimed for a beginner audience of less than 10 people owning a smartphone. It seeks to facilitate the understanding of basic digital hygiene notions and the way an application works.

The kit is composed of:

  • an animation guide for the host
  • a diaporama
  • a video
  • an A4 sheet to be distributed to the participants with a summary of what has been seen during the workshop.

Graphic universe

To create this kit, we worked with _Lila*, illustrator and graphic designer. We needed her in order to define the kit’s graphic universe, create some illustrations and format the support material.

Relative to the graphic universe, she enabled us to define more precisely what we wanted, feels like us, reaches a diverse audience and looks attractive. _Lila* selected for us a wide range of graphic creations so that we could come up with keywords and reach an agreement on main directions. To be honest, this wasn’t an exercise we were used to, it was really interesting. We were able to defined the following lines: drawing inspiration from cut-ups, a contrasted color palette based on our signature purple, solid colors. _Lila* then made us a few proposals, permitting us to hone in our wishes even more.

Diaporama sample

Once we had defined the graphic setting, _Lila* could work on the creations, notably the illustrations allowing Héloïse, motion designer from NetFreaks, to put this universe into movement in a video.

Creating the content

In the same time, we started to write the workshops content. We organized a brainstorming with several association members: Paul, Takopix and MeTaL_PoU. Bringing together our respective experiences, we came up with a lineup for the beginner workshop and sharpened it.

It was important for us to offer in this kit content as well as an animation guide to reassure the person hosting the workshop, no matter how experienced they are.

Screenshot from the animation guide

How to test the prototype?

The kit for a 1h30-long workshop towards a beginner audience is ready and we are looking for people to try it out before May 2020! The purpose of this test is to provide feedback and improve the content so we will also ask you to fill out a survey after the workshop and, if you are able to, participate in a phone interview less than 30 minutes long.

If you wish to participate, please fill out the form by clicking here!