How to contribute

I to code

If you like to code in Python or Java, have a look to the εxodus repository or to the εxodus app one.

I to craft

If you like to translate, draw, make videos or have ideas of contents, lets checkout our crafting repository.

No but

You can help us to finance the hosting for εxodus and travels for giving talks by donating money.

If you don't know where to begin, how to use GitHub or if you want simply to discuss, feel free to sign up on our forum or come and talk to the team on IRC.

How to become a member

You can join the association by sending us an email to using the following the model:

I the undersigned [pseudo], wish to join the Exodus Privacy association as of today.
I will be reachable:
* by email at []
* on IRC with pseudo [pseudo]
* on the forum with pseudo [pseudo]
* [any other place you think is appropriate here]

[Introduce yourself briefly here]


Membership is to be renewed every year. The membership fee remains free.

Help us to finance Exodus Privacy

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And help us by spreading the word about us

The main interest of Exodus Privacy is to make people aware of the tracking done by mobile applications. To do so, we animate 3 social network accounts and 2 video channels:

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