A very busy month of June for Exodus Privacy!

Our goal is to alert the general public regarding tracking in Android applications, and to that effect, we go out and offer conferences, workshops and meetups. This past June, we were able to intervene in several places and launch our online store!

Meeting the librarians

First we reached out to digital mediators in order to increase awareness of these questions and introduce them to our tools, to enable them to integrate it in their workshops. To this end, we proposed a conference during the congress of the Association des bibliothécaires de France, on June 7th in Paris. About a dozen of really invested librarians attended it. We later intervened during a study day around digital culture held by Nantes university libraries. We hosted workshops with around fifty librarians in attendance.

Each time, we introduced Exodus Privacy association, our results and our tools: the platform and the Exodus app, as well as Exodify extension. We also relied on an open source project called PiRanhaLysis, allowing us to show with a test phone live network connections and make tracking more understandable. Lastly, when it was possible, we oversaw some time for manipulating the platform or our application.

Pas Sage En Seine

Pas Sage en Seine is a festival held every year near Paris with speeches and workshops around the digital world, hacking and open source cultures. This year, we had the pleasure of running a stand from June 27th to 30th at the Choisy-le-Roi media library.

It’s in a crushing heat that we were able to introducte the association, its news, discuss with the people who were there and show our new t-shirts! We also animated dynamic analysis workshops with PiRogues from the PiRanhaLysis project, allowing the audience to really see what’s going on when you launch and use an application.

Online store launch

We thought it would be good to put forward a new way to support us and provide you with a way to proudly wear our colors. So we launched an online store. To be totally transparent, we earn about 8 € for a t-shirt and a bit more on hoodies.

Final word

We always enjoy meeting up with you. It takes some time and energy because, let’s keep it in mind, we all are unpaid volunteers. It allows us to present what we do on a daily basis, to facilitate our tools’ use and to get your feedback and support. A big thank you to all the structures that held these events and to the people who welcomed us warmly! If you wish to meet up with us, check our upcoming events.

Thanks again for your support!