Code of conduct

Exodus Privacy’s purpose is to raise awareness about tracking done by Android applications with the help of analysis tools and teaching materials. This code of conduct is meant to be a framework that allow everyone to express themselves both freely and safely. Exodus Privacy forbids any form of discrimination or harassment about gender, skills, knowledge, disabilities, origin, sexual orientation, physical appearance, age, religion or addictions targeting any member of our community and by any means whatsoever (image, text, joke, word…). Oral and written communications must be inclusive or non-gendered. Nobody can assume the gender of a person nor force one on them.

Exodus Privacy expects from its members to be polite in all Exodus Privacy’s spaces, whether online or offline. Discrimination or harassment of any kind will result in sanctions, including permanent exclusion from the association and all communication places (IRC channels, forum…), pronounced by the bureau of Exodus Privacy. Do not insist when somebody declines a solicitation. If you are accused of oppressive or hurtful behavior, excuse yourself and try to understand what the issue was. If you are harassed or face discrimination, or if you witness harassment or discrimination toward other people, or if you fear an incident occurring during Exodus Privacy’s activities, you can contact a member of the bureau by email at or via any other way (IRC query, forum private message…). Every report done in good faith will be taken seriously. The bureau will respect, as often as possible, requests for anonymity in order to protect victims form further abuses.